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1421 | NY, USA | USA | | Comments

I love your optimism. I love your confidence. I love your generosity. I love your kindness, your comfort, and your support. I love your scars. I love how your eyes are too close together, how your nose is too big, and how when I teased you about them, you knew that I was just too scared to say It. I can say It now. I can say that I love your greatest features, and your worst flaws, and every other part in between. I can say I love you. I love you, and I love that IYAMYOURS!

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1413 | Dubuque, IA, USA | USA | | Comments

Nearly two years ago, I met a girl. We geeked out together, we got to know each other, and in the process, we realized we had more in common than we could ever have imagined. Almost four months later, I plucked up the nerve to ask her out, and tomorrow is going to be our 18-month anniversary. I couldn’t be happier. Even though half the world separates us and the only contact we have is online, Caity, IYAMYOURS for as long as you’ll have me.

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1390 | Philadelphia, PA, USA | USA | | Comments

Brad, I can hardly go a day without thinking about you. This term break has been killing me because I can’t look at your handsome face. When you smile it’s starts from your eyes before it makes it to your lips. I wish I could tell you how wonderful you are, even though you don’t know it, IYAMYOURS

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1414 | Dunnellon, FL, USA | USA | | Comments

Lovey, you are my soul-mate, my friend, my co-conspirator, my rock, my reason to laugh, to cry and to keep going. You gave me a family and you make our house a home. IYAMYOURS

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1412 | Perth, WA, USA | USA | | Comments

You kiss my eyelids, you curl up next to me. You follow me everywhere and always want to be in my company no matter what I am doing. Oh, my lovely cat, IYAMYOURS

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